Welcome to Southwest Michigan Ballroom Dance!

It’s May people. 

Let’s Dance. 

To that end, JOIN US for the next



The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

314 S Park St in Kalamazoo


Sunday May 17th, 2015

Kalamazoo Ballroom Academy will provide a lesson in Bolero, starting at 3 pm.

Then from 3:30 to 6 PM additional excellence will be yours!

 We will be offering a plethora* of dance music to channel that spring fever that has suddenly come over you.   

Thanks for reading. 

Now come on down and dance with us.

We would really like that!

* The author of this announcement wishes to express his regret at the use of the word “plethora”.  Turns out this word means an “overabundance; excess.”  The club, via the good taste of DJ, Dan Stratton, will be offering exactly the right balance of dance music at this, and all dances.  We are confident you will find it, at most, abundant, but not overly so.  And certainly NOT excessive.

Southwest Michigan Ballroom Dance is a Kalamazoo-based, non-profit community arts group providing educational and participatory ballroom dance opportunities in southwest Michigan. Learn more by clicking on some of the posts.  We’ll try to keep you-up-to date on all that’s happening with the club and upcoming dances. Thanks for visiting and feel free to check us out on Facebook when you have a chance.

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