Welcome to Southwest Michigan Ballroom Dance!

People have mixed emotions in April.  There’s that spring feeling in the air (YAY!).  That looming tax deadline (Bummer).  But wait, I’m getting a refund (COOL!).   And then . . . there’s what’s happening the second Sunday of this month . . . to wit: 



The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

314 S Park St in Kalamazoo


Sunday April 12th, 2015

Sharon’s Dance Studio will provide a lesson in Salsa, starting at 3 pm.


 Glad you asked.

All out, no-holds barred DANCING!

From 3:30 to 6 PM. 

And we want you to be there.  Because even if you missed:

National Deep Dish Pizza Day (April 5th)

National Beer Day (April 7th)

National Be Kind to Lawyers Day (April 8th) [Really?]


National Siblings Day (April 10th)

You can still make it to this dance and tell your friends it was held in your honor. 

Thanks for coming.

Southwest Michigan Ballroom Dance is a Kalamazoo-based, non-profit community arts group providing educational and participatory ballroom dance opportunities in southwest Michigan. Learn more by clicking on some of the posts.  We’ll try to keep you-up-to date on all that’s happening with the club and upcoming dances. Thanks for visiting and feel free to check us out on Facebook when you have a chance.

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